Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hank at 24 hours

Henry Thor Gustafson did great during his first day, as did his proud Mom! Each of them are feeling well and the little guy is picking up on the whole nursing scheme. I'm headed home soon to pick up a few things and to make sure our house/trees survived last night's big storm. I will try and get a new photo album published by tonight...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mommy and Me Time

With the impending birth of Baby Gusto No. 2, I've been trying to spend as much time playing with Natalie as I can. Sometimes (as you can tell from the photo) it's exhausting, but I know this time with just her is short lived, so it will all be worth it. Last night I gave her her first manicure. She picked a light pink color and did a very good job sitting through it. She's growing up so fast! I can't believe it some days. Next time she wants to try blue, purple or green on her nails -- and yes, I have all those colors!

Monday, June 14, 2010

2 and a HALF

I have been trying to teach Natalie how to say Two and a Half when people ask her how old she is. We celebrated her mini-milestone by taking her to the Twins game. She lasted 7 innings, WAY longer than we thought she would -- and it was raining! If you ask her about her favorite part she'll talk about all the food. She's really excited to go back to a Twins game and sit in the big brown glove.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Movin' up in the world

Joey and I worked all afternoon to get Natalie's room ready. There's still some of my knickknacks up there until I find a box to put them in, and we still need to do some decorating on the walls, but it's livable! She's pretty excited. She can't sleep up there until we get a bed rail, which we will hopefully get tomorrow. Changes are coming. Big, BIG changes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial weekend at the cabin

It's a right of passage in MN to hit the highway with EVERYONE else on Friday of Memorial Day Weekend. So, I snuck out of work a little early and we went to the cabin. We beat Grandma and Grandpa up there by a couple of hours. Saturday was spent in the HOT 90-degree heat with Joey under the pontoon most of the day hooking up new boat toys. Unfortunately, Sunday was windy and 60 -- and I didn't pack any warm clothes -- Oops! Karin and her roomie Laurie brought the sunshine up with them Sunday night and we spent some time playing games. We finally got a sun-filled boat ride before we left on Monday. It was very relaxing and the stresses of our lives were gone for a couple of days.
Due to popular demand, I am swallowing all pride and putting a pic of my HUGENESS online for the world to see.

Natalie touched her first fish, and ate her first bass thanks to Grandpa Craig's early-morning fishing prowess. It is most likely our last trip up with only one child, which is a little mind blowing to think about.