Sunday, June 29, 2008

Future Olympian

After celebrating great-grandma's 75th birthday (which is on Tuesday), daddy and I brought Natalie to the Y for her first trip in the pool. Her first few seconds in the pool were not too happy, but she got used to it and seemed okay with it. She did some kicking, but she didn't break out her butterfly stroke yet. We'll get there. I have all week off from summer school, so Natalie and I are going to see great-grandma Jean on Tuesday, after my interview at Richfield High School -- wish me luck! (luck for the interview, not grandmas =)!)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Naked Baby !!!

It's 88 and humid today, but we don't need no stinkin' air conditioner!!! At least not when we can go the "naked baby" route, which Natalie seems to relish.

Mom is swimming right now and then Daddy will be home with Natalie tomorrow morning (daycare is on vacation) while Mom teaches; it should be fun.

Grandpa G is home safe and sound, ready to increase his intake of Omega-3's tenfold!

Stay cool...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just cute

There's really nothing all that new to report, I just really love this picture. Natalie had a big weekend with both sets of grandparents while Joey and I participated in Emily's wedding festivities. She's been a little clingy since then, but not too bad. We might start swimming lessons on Saturday!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All Gone!

So a week ago today Natalie's left eye was still really goopy with the blocked tear duct still causing problems. At her 6-month last Thursday, her doctor gave me a referral to an eye doctor so I made an appointment on Monday to go this Friday. Presto! It's gone. She's been goop free for two days! I should have made the appointment MONTHS ago!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Six Months!

I can't believe this beautiful person has been a part of our lives for half a year already! We went to the doc for her six-month check today and she's 13 pounds, one ounce and 27 inches long. She's still small for her age, but she's steadily small for her age, climbing the charts the way she should. I can't believe she's 7 pounds bigger than when she was born, that just seems like so much to me! Tonight we went to Canterbury Park as a family, she was more mesmerised by her feet though. And by the time we got home, she slept in any position possible! Daddy leaves for Milwaukee tomorrow morning for the weekend, so it's a mommy and baby weekend for us!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Figuring things out

Natalie has finally come to the realization that it's way more comfortable to sleep on her tummy. However, she still freaks out sometimes when she wakes up on her tummy. She'll get it. Tomorrow we get to go to the doctor for her six-month check. Can you believe it? I'm excited to see how much she weighs. She's so big! Tonight it's off to Buca for Uncle Carl's birthday dinner. Natalie and I are having a fun time hanging out, we're doing a lot of sitting practice and tummy time. She's itching to start crawling! She's starting to scoot.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Highchair Fun

"Hey, these carrots aren't so bad!"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pull my finger!

Wow, what a busy Sunday! Natalie has been on a walk (to the park, no less!) and visited both sets of grandparents. She also just polished off a jar of sweet potatoes (apparently they're OK if they're cold), and we'll soon be off to a graduation party for one of Sarah's tracksters.

But the highlight of the day, of course, was meeting Auntie Amber's cute little baby Annika. Baby Gus and AJ seemed to enjoy each other's company. Annika showed off her inch-worm skills and Natalie showed how she can coo incoherently.

No doubt, it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!!